Britain’s famous Masjid-e-Ilyas faces demolition

Britain’s famous Masjid-e-Ilyas faces demolition
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London: Abbey Mills Mosque, also known as the London Markaz or Masjid-e-Ilyas, a mosque located in Stratford, East London has been refused planning permission and faces demolition after a high court ruling.

The Islamic missionary movement Tablighi Jamaat had sought permission to build a permanent mosque on a 17-acre site near the Olympic Park in Stratford. Its plans to provide a place of worship for around 9,000 people were opposed by Newham council in 2012. Tablighi Jamaat appealed to what is now the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, which rejected the proposal in October 2015. At the time, the movement was also ordered to cease using existing buildings on the site as a mosque.

On Tuesday, British High Court issued orders to demolish the masjid. The reason cited was that the masjid was built on the land which was allocated for some other purpose as per the municipal council.

On an average 2000 devotees gather at the masjid for khutba. Tableeghi Jamaat members had bought the land in 1996. Earlier there was a chemical factory. Newham Council Town council refused to give permission for the extension, saying that the land was allotted for housing or business purpose.

Tableeghi Jamaat went to the high court seeking to overturn a demolition order. However, the court ruled in the council’s favour. However, Tableeghi Jamat can appeal against the order till February 16, otherwise, the masjid will be demolished.

The residents opposed the plans for the mosque saying the mosque would “cause terrible violence and suffering”.

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