Brought deals worth USD 300 bn from my Asia trip: Trump says

Brought deals worth USD 300 bn from my Asia trip: Trump says
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Washington: US President Donald Trump today said that his recent visit to five Asian countries fetched some USD 300 billion worth of deals and that people have started respecting America again.

Trump’s five-nation tour of Asia this month included stops in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

“We just returned from a historic 12-day trip to Asia. Everywhere we went, the American delegation was greeted with tremendous hospitality and tremendous respect. People are respecting our country again, believe me,” Trump said at his Cabinet meeting at the White House.

“We brought back more than USD 300 billion worth of deals, which could reach well over a trillion dollars within a very near future. That means jobs for the US at a very high level.

“As you know, we’ve just come up with the best job performance in over 17 years. But this is a lot more jobs, and we think the number is going to actually get a lot better. We’re going to also put a lot of people that have not been able to find jobs, we’re going to put them back to work — because they’re not registered right now; theyll be registered in a positive sense,” the president said.

Trump said the Japanese car companies will be opening up and expanding their plants in the US.

“We worked very closely with Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe on that. We’re renegotiating our bad trade deal with South Korea, and we’ve started talking about bilateral trade with many countries in Asia.

“Most importantly, we’ve made clear to all countries that we cannot continue to be treated unfairly when it comes to trade any longer. It’s not fair to our companies, and it’s not fair to our workers. Last year, we lost over USD 800 billion on trade deals with other countries,” Trump said.

“So we had a negative number, a trade deficit of almost USD 800 billion with other countries. That’s not going to be happening. That’s changing. And I explained that to them. From the standpoint of Asia, they understand it. Every one of them understand it,” the president added.