Case against Sridhar Babu, part of govt conspiracy: TPCC

Case against Sridhar Babu, part of govt conspiracy: TPCC
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Condemning criticism of TRS leaders against former Minister and Congress party senior leader D Sridhar Babu, TPCC official spokesperson Regulapati Ramya Rao has alleged that the police filed conspiracy case against former Minister D Sridhar Babu as part of State government’s political conspiracy.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Monday along with Congress Kisan Keth Cell chief M Kodanda Reddy, Ramya said though Sridhar Babu’s family plunged into public service, the State government filed a criminal case as Sridhar Babu was fighting on behalf of Kaleswaram project land oustees. Alleging that the TRS MLAs, MLCs, Ministers and Speaker S Madhusudana Chary too were facing allegations, she asked TRS government to tell as to why the police didn’t file cases against them. She asked Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to initiate action against his own party leaders if he was sincere.

Ramys asked the Chief Minister to tell as to why there was no action against Council Deputy Chairman Nethi Vidyasagar Rao in connection with slain gangster Nayeem’s case. She also asked KCR to tell as to why he failed to initiate action against MLC Bhanu Prasad, who constructed illegal buildings. She asked KCR to tell as to why the government failed to initiate action against TRS advisor in Delhi S Venugopala Chary, MLAs Vemula Veeresham, Rasamai Balakishan, Gadari Kishore and MLC Bhoopal Reddy? Why the government failed to file cases against Sircilla land mafia?, she asked.

Stating that Sridhar Babu waged movement sincerely for the sake of separate Telangana State, Ramya asked KCR to tell as to why the latter failed to initiate action against Manthani MLA Putta Madhu, who faced murder case allegations. It was not correct on the part of KCR to take political revenge against the Congress leaders, waging movement on public problems. Claiming that KCR was transformed the democracy as dictatorial rule, Ramya asked Ministers KT Ramarao, T Harish Rao, MP Balka Suman and MLC Banu Prasad whether they didn’t went to Sridhar Babu, when he was minister, for their works. She reminded that Sridhar Babu never made police to file cases against Telangana activists during Telangana movement. She warned that the Congress cadre will not keep quiet in case the TRS government didn’t stop filing cases to take political revenge. (NSS)