Celtic Football Club fans say ‘Jerusalem is Palestine’

Celtic Football Club fans say ‘Jerusalem is Palestine’

Scotland: Once again Celtic Football Club fans are on news after fines were levied on them by Scottish club last year by UEFA for political statements.

The supporters of Celtic football clubs’ raised a pair of banners showing their anger and displeasure with the decision of Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. The banners were raised during a match at Edinburgh’s Easter Road stadium.

The banners read:
“Jerusalem is Palestine. F*** Trump.”

During a UEFA match against Israeli team last year, the fans club displayed Palestinian club flag for which they were fined £82,000.

Responding to it, the fans decided to the fans decided to raise an amount equal to the fine, not for the club, but for Palestinian refugees.

In response to the support and solidarity shown by the Celtic fans, Palestinian refugees at a camp in Bethlehem decided to raise money to pay the fine imposed on the club.