Centre may soon withdraw the imposed cattle ban

Centre may soon withdraw the imposed cattle ban

New Delhi: After the huge nation-wide protests from farmers and various states over the cattle ban and lynching’s of people over the cattle, the Apex court had suspended the imposed ban by Centre in July and now the Centre has now decided to withdraw the notification of imposed ban on sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets said Ministry of Environment and Forests senior official.

According to Indian Express, the Centre’s decision comes after various states gave their feedback to the Environment Ministry on the modification made to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Market) Rules, 2017 dated 23 May.

The senior official said, “We sent a file to the Ministry of Law earlier this week, stating that we are withdrawing the notification due to several issues and will be revising it,” adding that the Centre has not yet decided the time-frame for the process.

The BJP-led NDA government was condemned and severely criticized for its nationwide impose on ban on religious grounds, an effort to make a secular country into a religious one with many of the right wing cow protection groups boldly assaulting, lynching the people from the Muslim community.

Not just the community or the state was subjected to this cruel harassment but the imposed ban had the biggest impact on the farmers who rely to trade their cattle to livestock markets.

Earlier in September, the Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan has previously expressed that the violent nation wide protests could lead Centre to lift the ban. He had reportedly said back then that the new rules were only a “regulatory regime” to prevent cruelty towards animals and that the government had “did not intend to directly or indirectly affect slaughterhouses or harm farmers” or “influence the food habits of people”.

The centre’s decision in May had sparked nationwide outraged from various states, farmers, communities. It was later after that the Environment Ministry had asked states to give their opinion on the prohibition.

As the Apex court had stayed the ban, the Ministry had sent two letters to the states saying that the a new draft will be framed after the feedback received from the states.

The Ministry had also spoken to various animal rights activists and livestock traders reported the Indian Express.

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