Chand Minar, victory tower in Southern India

Chand Minar, victory tower in Southern India
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Hyderabad: The famous Chand Minar was constructed in Dawlatabad fort near Aurangabad fort in Deccan by the famous Prime Minister of Bahmani Kingdom Mahmud Gawan Gilani in 1435 to commemorate the expansion of the kingdom to both the seas.

Chand Minar is the 35 meters long minaret. It is the second historical Victory Tower built by the Muslim rulers in India.

First Victory Tower in India was built in Delhi in 1206 by the First Muslim Sultan of India named Qutbuddin Aibak and it is known as Qutb Minar. It was built to commemorate the commencement of Muslim rule in India.

The political map of Bahmani Kingdom who ruled Deccan from 1347-1527 stretching from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal.