Cherry: South Asia’s smallest baby born in Hyderabad; check Pics

Cherry: South Asia’s smallest baby born in Hyderabad; check Pics
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HYDERABAD: A baby girl born in a Rainbow Children’s hospital of Hyderabad City is being hailed as the South Aisa’s smallest surviving premature baby.

The little baby girl named as ‘Cherry’ was born on February 27, to a Chandigarh-based couple Nikita and Saurabh weighed only 375 grams and is only as long as the size of a palm (20 centimetres in length).

The survival seemed difficult but, miraculously Cherry survived and is healthy and extremely strong.

Speaking about Cherry’s case, Dr Ramesh Kancharla, Chairman and Managing Director, Rainbow Group of Hospitals said, “We are able to send baby born with birth weight as small as 375 grams home because of our advance perinatal centre.”

“Close to 20 years of hard work has gone in to developing such expertise to save small babies. We need team of committed obstetrician, anaesthetist, foetal medicine specialist and neonatologist to achieve such results. Also, a very dedicated nursing team was instrumental in saving Cherry,” he said.

The Hospital tweeted out the good news and also shared pictures with people . They captioned the first picture with, ‘Proud moment for us! Welcoming South East Asia #SmallestBabyBorn. Stay Tuned for live updates from the event.’

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