Chetan Bhagat supports firework on Diwali, asks for ‘sacrifice ban’ on Eid-ul-Adha

Chetan Bhagat supports firework on Diwali, asks for ‘sacrifice ban’ on Eid-ul-Adha
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Chetan Bhagat, Pic: Twitter

New Delhi: Speaking in support of fireworks and crackers, Chetan Bhagat involved all religions in the Supreme Court order of ‘ban on firecrackers’ sale’. The self-motivated author of ‘Half Girlfriend’ tweeted a series, where he compared ‘Christmas trees’, ‘sacrifice on Eid’ and ‘Muharram’ to pollution caused by the firework on Diwali.

The SC has put a ban on firecrackers in Delhi-NCR till November 1 to have an account of the air quality. Bhagat not only made the ban look like a religious matter but also called the order an insult to Hindu festivals.

However, Twitter trolled him for his irrational and hate spreading posts. Congress MP, Shashi Throor called crackers the unholy add-ons, while some educated the former IITian about the pollution.

On the other hand, cricketer Yuvraj Singh had posted a video on his Twitter account on Sunday, requesting everyone not to burst crackers.

Many people asked the cricketer not to drive a car or to fly. Likewise, several supported the ideology of Bhagat.

Delhi’s pollution has reached to a new level, according to a PTI report, SAFAR, a central government agency which monitors air pollution said that the situation was poor and forecasted that it was going to be worsened, quotes The News Minute.

The national capital was surrounded by smog last year, which persisted for around one week, after the celebration of Diwali. Several organisations had to take measures, as breathing issues erupted.