Child abuse is greatest crime: Michael Caine

Child abuse is greatest crime: Michael Caine
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London: Veteran actor Michael Caine, who believes child abuse is the “greatest crime in the world”, has opened up about being “ill-treated” as a young person during World War II.

Caine, 82, commented on the issue while talking about filmmaker Woody Allen, who has been accused of abuse by his stepdaughter Dylan Farrow, reports

Caine is unsure if he will work with Allen again because of his personal feelings about the alleged crime.

“Would I work with Woody Allen again? I see that he’s been accused of child abuse. If that’s true, I wouldn’t. No. But I mean, I read it, but there doesn’t seem to be any trials or anything,” Caine told Total Film magazine.

“For me, the greatest crime in the world is child abuse. That is worse than anything. I was ill-treated when I was evacuated from London during World War II so I am a recipient of child abuse. So I am very, very, very, very critical of anyone who abuses a child,” added the actor, who had won an Oscar for his work on Allen’s “Hannah and Her Sisters”.