China : Man escaped death by hanging from 23-Storey Building

China : Man escaped death by hanging from 23-Storey Building

Chongqing (China) : A Man in China who run away from death by hanging off the balcony of a burning apartment. A footage shows that A man was filmed making a desperate attempt to escape a burning 23rd-floor apartment of a residential building by hanging off the side of it.

According to Yahoo news, The apartment is already going up on fire as the man hangs off the side, trying to find a way to move away from the blaze.

Watch Video how he attempt to escape death:

Chongqing fire escape.

Man narrowly escapes certain death in Chongqing high-rise fire👉

Posted by Shanghaiist on Thursday, December 14, 2017

Incident occurs at southwestern China’s Chongqing on December 13, the man dangles from the side of the building as the fire inside rages. The man can be seen in the footage hanging off the side of the building as it begins to burn. Debris begins to fall off the apartment and the cladding starts to melt and drip down on to him.

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He also attempt to break the glass of the apartment below his by kicking at the window. But firefighters soon arrive to break the glass and pull the man inside.

Luckily, the man did not sustain any major injuries, only suffered scratches and was sent to hospital. The reason for the flames is under investigation.

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