China’s Space Station Tiangong-1 to crash anywhere on Earth

China’s Space Station Tiangong-1 to crash anywhere on Earth

Scientists have finally managed to determine when Tiangong-1, China’s oldest space station would plummet back to planet Earth.

China’s National Space Administration in 2016 revealed they lost connection with Tiangong-1 which was launched in 2011. The space hub also known as the ‘Heavenly palace’ is still orbiting in the space and will plummet back to the planet between March 30 and April 6, according to scientists.

US-based Aerospace Corporation, however, predicts the reentry could be on 4 April somewhere in the area between 43 degrees latitude north and 43 degrees latitude south.

“There is a chance that a small amount of Tiangong-1 debris may survive reentry and impact the ground,” reported the Aerospace Corporation earlier this month.

“Should this happen, any surviving debris would fall within a region that is a few hundred kilometers in size and centered along a point on the Earth that the station passes over.”

“When considering the worst-case location… the probability that a specific person (i.e., you) will be struck by Tiangong-1 debris is about 1 million times smaller than the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot,” the organization has said.

This space station reportedly contains highly toxic rocket fuel ‘Hydrazine’ will plummet back with exceptionally high speeds, Sputnik reports.