City in grip of fevers; hospitals crowded

City in grip of fevers; hospitals crowded
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Hyderabad: Thousands of patients flock outpatient facilities at Fever Hospital, Nallakunta, the nodal centre for seasonal ailments. Similarly, the number of footfalls in the outpatient wings of Osmania, Gandhi and Niloufer Hospitals too increased. 2200 patients visited Osmania Hospital, 1800 visited Gandhi Hospital and 950 visited Niloufer hospital. According to doctors most of the patients are suffering from seasonal and viral fevers like Malaria, Dengue and Typhoid. Symptoms include vomiting, fever and joint pain.

People, especially children and elderly need to take extra precautions. Following precautions should be taken:
Doctors should be consulted immediately if the fever doesn’t go away after 48 hours.
Make the surroundings free of flies and mosquitoes.
Wash hands before cooking and eating.
Children should wash their hands, face and legs as soon as they reach home from school.
Use separate towels and handkerchief.
Always eat warm food.
Eat and sleep on time.
Avoid eating fats and meat.
Drink boiled water after letting it cool.
Give easily digestible food to patients.
Patients should use, lemon juice, barley, rice soup, buttermilk and glucose.

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