CM expresses satisfaction over land records purification drive

CM expresses satisfaction over land records purification drive
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Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has expressed satisfaction over the Land records Purification programme, which is going on as per the schedule and in accordance with the aims and objectives with which it has been planned.

The Chief Minister is also happy that the revenue officials are doing the purification and updation of records with commitment and dedication and the farmers are happy that the land ownership rights are established once and for all.  He paid rich compliments to the revenue officials by saying that the work they are turning out is invaluable. “Each one of them going from house to house to purify and update the revenue records,” he said and also hinted at giving some incentives and rewards to the revenue staff involved in the programme.

KCR held a review meeting on Friday at Pragati Bhavan here on the progress made by the Land records purification, updation programme which was launched on September 15, 2017.  Land Records Purification Mission Special Officer Vakati Karuna has explained to the Chief Minister about the progress being made by the programme in the first week and how the work is going on.

The Land Purification programme is taken up in 10,875 revenue villages in 568 mandals. For this, 1468 teams were set up. It is decided to take up purification of records in 1.78 Crore Survey Numbers having 75.54 lakhs of Accounts which in turn have 2.45 crores acres. In the first phase, in 1,252 villages records are examined and purified. These villages have 30.04 lakh acres of land. Of this, 11.55 Lakh acres records were examined. Of this land ownership rights are clarified and ascertained for 9.48 Lakh acres (82.10 percent) with acceptance of the farmers. Which land belongs to whom is also established.

It is decided in the Part A of the programme land records of the undisputed lands are to be updated and purified. It is interesting to note that under Part A clarity is established in more than 82 percent of lands. Objections, complaints and suggestions on other lands are also being elicited as part of the programme. They will be taken-up under Part B programme. In some villages, the land records are updated and purified cent percent under Part A programme itself.  There is 100 percent clarity on the land ownerships in these villages. Part A programme will be completed by December 31 and Part B programme begins then.

It is estimated that about 82 percent of lands would get clarity in Part A programme. Under Part B another 10 percent of land records would get clarity. All District Collectors are personally supervising the programme. Special Control Rooms were set up in Hyderabad and in the districts. Information is given to the people who contact the Control Rooms. Social media is also being used to create awareness among people and farmers. A Special Facebook account is opened on the programme. Pamphlets and booklets on the programme are being distributed to clear frequently asked questions and doubts. Each Team on an average is given 9 villages. The team will stay in the village for 10 days to examine and purify the recrods.

As part of the programme, the teams are also examining, purifying and updating the records pertaining to the government lands and other category of lands. With this there is clarity about the land in the villages, whose land it is and who is occupying it. The officials have chalked out plan by which NRI’s can send their land records for rectification and purification without theircoming down. The guidelines for this will be finalised in next four days.

The Chief Minister said that, “The land records updating and purification program has been going on very well. This is a most useful program for the farmers. Land related issues which remained unsolved for years together are being resolved. Clarity on land ownership is a great relief to the farmers. Ascertaining the hereditary rights, regularizing the sale deeds based on Sadabainamas, mutation etc., has been going on fast track. With this the people are very happy. Revenue officers and staff are making the program a great success with their hard work.”

KCR said that getting clarity on more than 82% of land is a welcome feature. Clarity is coming without any litigations. We are getting news that in certain villages there is even cent percent clarity also. In part B phase there will be more clarity. With regards lands to a tune of about 5% since there are court litigations government will decide on them subject to court verdicts. Once the Part A phase is over, pass books will be given for the land on which there will be total clarity. Input investment subsidy will be provided based on purification and updating of land records. In the first phase, Rs 4,000 per acre will be credited in to farmer’s account before May 15, 2018. Second instalment of Rs 4,000 will be credited before October 15, 2018,” he said. (INN)