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Cold war between AK Khan and Omer Jaleel affecting development of Muslims

Cold war between AK Khan and Omer Jaleel affecting development of Muslims

Hyderabad: The exposé of Siasat Urdu Daily about the inactivity of the officers of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare and failure in the implementation of welfare schemes proved to be true while the discussions took place in the review meeting of the House Committee of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare. It was decided at the meeting to submit a detailed report to Mr. KCR who is very serious about the implementation of welfare schemes for Minorities.

It may be noted that Mr. KCR had made certain promises to Minorities during the election campaign and later, made announcements surpassing those promises but the sorrowful state of affairs is that despite the appointment of Muslim officers, the benefits of welfare schemes are not reaching the genuine beneficiaries.

When Siasat Urdu Daily took stock of the situation from various angles, many such issues came to limelight which is the stumbling block in the functioning of the Dept. One of the reasons is that the Muslim officers of the Dept. are not influential enough to use their good offices to get the things done from other departments.

It is reported that there is a cold war going on between the Advisor to Govt. for Minority Affairs, Mr. A.K. Khan and the Secretary of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS to take control of the Dept. It is also reported that the subordinate officers are also divided between the two camps. Some of them are with the Advisor and the others are with the Secretary. This cold war is affecting the functioning of the Dept.

According to the reports, both the officers have put forth their pleas with the CMO. The office of the CM is also in a state of confusion as to who should be supported.

Authentic sources revealed that Advisor to Govt. for Minority Affairs, Mr. A.K. Khan has recommended to the CM for the appointment of a non-Muslim Secretary for the Dept. of Minorities Welfare but when the opinion was sought from various officers, it was revealed that no non-Muslim officer is ready to take up the charge of this department.

The differences between the Advisor and the Secretary have already been exposed. In certain matters, both took different stands.

It may be mentioned that Secretary of any Dept. heads the institutions. The present Secretary of the Minorities’ Welfare complaints that Advisor to Govt. has been intervening in the routine functioning of the Dept. which inhibits the Secretary to function independently.

Advisor to Govt. is also the chairman of Minorities Residential Schools Society. He has been convening review meetings from time-to-time which is giving room to the officials for grumbling. It is advisable that the Advisor should seek a report from the Dept. instead of involving himself directly in every matter.

The Advisor to Govt. has taken a stand that if the officials discharge their duties properly and if they are successful in getting the grants, there is no need for him to interfere. He maintains that in residential schools society, some corrupt persons enjoy the patronage of the authorities. In the appointments and also in purchasing the infrastructure, complaints of corruptions and commissions were made but no action was taken. Due to this, the Advisor has taken a stern stand. This resulted in displeasing some of the officials and the nominated members. The persons close to Secretary believe that since Advisor to Govt. is closely related to the opposition leader, he is targeting the officials.

The intervention of the CM could only end this so-called cold war between the Advisor to Govt. and Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare.

–Siasat News