‘Computer Baba’ hated BJP’s ideologies, takes a u-turn on becoming Minister

‘Computer Baba’ hated BJP’s ideologies, takes a u-turn on becoming Minister

New Delhi: The recent new development awarding special ‘Minister of State’ status to five ‘Hindu religious leaders’ by BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh includes one 54-year-old high-tech savvy baba known as ‘computer baba.’

The title ‘computer baba’ was given to Namdeo Das Tyagi for always carrying a laptop with him. According to the sources this ‘computer baba’ shot to fame three years ago after he had acquired special permission to land his helicopter on the Ghats to take a dip in the ganges during the Kumbh Mela, TOI reported.

Tyagi is among the five Hindu religious leaders appointed by the BJP to form a special committee to raise water conservation awareness. He basically hails from Indore.

Tyagi had applied for AAP ticket in 2014. When asked about his approach to AAP rather saffron party BJP, RSS he had replied back then, “I decided to go with AAP instead of the BJP or the RSS because the saffron brigade has only exploited sadhus and nothing else,”

Computer Baba was quite critical about the saffron party and its ardent ideology mentor RSS and now nobody knows what made the ‘computer baba’ change his opinion about the BJP party in a span of three years. He, in fact, seems to forgive all the grudges he ever had with the party.

While BJP state official replying on the special rank granted to the religious leaders said, “As members of the committee, they have been given the MoS (Minister of State) status.”

Two years back Tyagi had filed a police complaint against state ministers for putting up posters of rape accused baba Swami Nithyanand.

“We thank the government on behalf of the ‘sadhu’ community for showing trust in us, we will try our best to work for welfare of the society,” said ‘Computer Baba’ to ANI.