Consul General of India in Jeddah takes health pledge

Consul General of India in Jeddah takes health pledge

Jeddah: His Excellency Md. Noor Rahman Sheikh, Consul General of India, Jeddah inaugurate Abeer Medical Group’s ‘Do you know your numbers by heart?’ health awareness campaign held at Abeer Medical Center, Sanayain association with the observance of International Workers Day 2018. The working communities who represented different labor welfareorganizations were present at the event along with other dignitaries.

In his inaugural address, Md. Noor Rahman appreciated Abeer’s initiative in pervading awareness endeavors centered on social wellness and healthy living. He stressed on the importance of taking periodic health checkups in the wake of increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases particularly among expatriate workers. “The relevance of campaigning this move primarily among the working class in the Industrial Area of Jeddahdeserves appreciation. Moreover, this event organized on the International Workers Day is a true recognition for the multi-national working classes whose toil and sweat have always been instrumental in the progress of this great country”, he said.

Md. Noor Rahman unveiled the ‘Do you know your numbers by heart?’ plaque. Another plaque imprinted with a note of honor admiring the work force, and a space for individual health pledges was jointly unveiled by Dr Jemshith Ahmed, Vice President – Abeer Medical Group and Ahmed Alungal, Executive Director – Abeer Medical Group. Health pledges were penned on it by Md. Noor Rahman and MoinAkthar, Consul – Community Welfare. If the Consul General’s pledge was about taking daily walk for an hour, MoinAkthar pledged that he would remain conscious of sugar intake.

Commenting on the importance of Abeer’s campaign, Dr Jemshith said that it is a unique health education program that promotes care-seekers to attain better health by taking periodic health checkups and thus knowing their numbers such as Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Cholesterol, and Blood Glucose. “Biometric Screenings are very much essential in working towards health goals and avoiding the risk of chronic disorders”, he added.

Preventive Health Checkup Cards were distributed to the laborers of the Industrial Area by the Consul General and Consul – Community Welfare. The latter expressed his pleasure to see the health informative and preventive initiatives driven by Abeer Medical Group in the society.

The representatives from the popular community organizations Navodaya, KMCC, OICC and others were present on the occasion.

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