Contempt of Court case against CEO Waqf Board

Contempt of Court case against CEO Waqf Board
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Hyderabad: Justice A Ramalingeswara Rao of Hyderabad High Court accepted Contempt of Court petition against Mr M.A. Mannan Farooqui, CEO of Waqf Board and summoned him to the Court on March 9. The Court issued these orders on the petition filed by Qazi Mohammed Zaheeruddin, additional Qazi Qila Mohammed Nagar. Minority Welfare Department had suspended Qazi Zaheeruddin on which High Court had issued the stay order.

Secretary Minority Welfare and Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board were party in the case. They did not comply with the directions of the court due to which a case of contempt of court has been filed against him.

After hearing the arguments made by Additional Advocate General, the Court separated Secretary Minority Welfare from the case and while directing CEO Waqf Board to appear before the court.

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