Cordon and Search Operation — Petla Burj to Zoo Park

Cordon and Search Operation — Petla Burj to Zoo Park

South Zone Police altogether 250 Police Officers by forming 20 teams, Addl. DCP, ACP Charminar, Falaknuma and Santoshnagar conducted Cordon and Search Operation from Petla Burj area to Zoo park and bank of Musi River in the limits of Charminar Division today, to create sense of security in the minds of the Locality people.

Today this Search operation was conducted to restrict / restrain the cruel activities of the whiteners and to avert wrongful doings and harm causing by them. The whiteners and beggars were roaming between Petlaburz maternity Hospital and Zoo Park.

During the search operation, Police caught 66 suspect persons wherein six rowdy Sheeters, 32 persons were compulsion addictive whiteners and remaining were vagrant / beggars and other suspects.

On multiple similar complaints by the locality people against whiteners, as they are harassing the general public in intoxicated condition. They consume some kind of adhesive liquids get into intoxicated condition. In intoxicate condition they attack on others. Earlier also there were such incidents. As a preventive measure and to avert untoward incidents on their acts, police conducts this operation and 32 Whiteners were taken into custody. Police is collecting their personal details, ID proofs like Aadhar Cards etc and taking their finger prints in order to control their wrongful doings which are causing harm to the common public. Whiteners who don’t have parents are being sent to Chanchalguda Jail ‘Anand Ashrams’ for rehabilitation.

11 Beggars were taken into custody. The beggars who are not having their parents/guardians are being sent to ‘Anand Ashrams’ (special homes) for rehabilitation in Chanchalguda Jail.. 17 suspected persons belonging to Maharashtra State were also taken into custody. Police is verifying their complicity.(NSS)