CPI 23rd national conference in Kollam in April: Suravaram

CPI 23rd national conference in Kollam in April: Suravaram
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CPI National General Secretary, S. Sudhakar Reddy today said that they will conduct party’s 23rd Party Congress at Kollam (Quilon) in Kerala from April 25 to 29, next year. In a press release here he said that the last Congress of the CPI was held at Puducherry in 2015. Sudhakar Reddy said that delegates representing about 6,35,000 party members will participate in the national conference. The national program main agenda will be formulating the new policy of Left, Secular, Democratic platform for united struggle against the fascistic tendencies in the country, reflected in the intolerance, attacks on Dalits, minorities and intellectuals, by Hindutva forces supported by RSS-BJP led NDA government. The Party primary branch conferences have already started in many states.

The Mandal, Tahsil, Town and District conferences will be held in December, January and all the state conferences will be held by March 2018. Delegates will be elected in the state conferences as part of the internal party democracy. The conference will review the past activities, socio-economic political developments in the country and chalk out the policy for the next 3 years. The Party Congress will also discuss Party organisations.

CPI expresses serious concern at the miserable failure of the government, to control the price-rise, and deteriorating economic situation, due to wrong policies of the government. Resistance by government employees, working class, peasantry, students, youth, women and other sections of the people is on rise. Failure to unearth black money and growing corruption is cause of concern.

The CPI national conference will discuss these issues and prepare the program of action to channelize the discontent of the people into mighty united struggles. Left party leaders will be invited to address he said.  (NSS)