Credible third front sure before 2019 polls: KCR

Credible third front sure before 2019 polls: KCR

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao today disclosed that a strong and credible federal front as an alternative to the BJP and the Congress would come into being before the 2019 elections.

Speaking to the media at Kolkata after his hour-long meeting with Mamata Banerjee here on Monday, the Telangana CM disclosed that he had a fruitful discussion with his West Bengal counterpart in this regard and was happy that a good beginning has been made for the formation of a Federal Front. He also reiterated that the proposed Federal Front was not being thought of for any personal political agenda, but keeping in view the aspirations and needs of the people of the country. It is being formed with people’s agenda as India is in need of a change for inventing itself as a strong nation.

KCR said he and Mamata Banerjee had discussed various issues confronting the people like that of the farmers and agriculture. The country was being ruled for the last 70 years either by the Congress or the BJP and everyone knows what was happening. The people are aspiring for a change and for it, there was an urgent need for forming a strong federal front. Towards this end, all like-minded leaders and political parties are being consulted and “our programme and directions” would be made known shortly, he said to a question as who would lead the proposed Front.

Mamata Banerjee, who was also present when KCR was interacting with the media, asserted: “India cannot be ruled by one party. There is a need for the States to be strong in federal democracy and only then the country would be strong. Thus our aim was to build a strong federal political front to achieve this to make India strong. I am in full support of KCR and our efforts for the formation of a Federal Front would continue by holding discussions with all like-minded parties”, she said.

KCR pointed out that India has abundant natural resources and a strong youth force. These have to be fully utilized to make the States strong and which in turn enable India to grow stronger. But unfortunately both the Congress and the BJP have miserably failed in this regard, he observed and added that India now needed a miracle to take place and that would be the formation of the credible Federal Front.

The Telangana Chief Minister, as part of his move to play a bigger role at the national level by forming an anti-Congress and anti-BJP Front, has put his plan into action by proceeding to Kolkata to hold discussion with his West Bengal counterpart. He was accompanied by TRS national general secretary K. Keshav Rao, MPs Jitender Reddy and Kavitha besides his political advisor and other officials. (NSS)