Those criticize bullet train, should use bullock carts-PM Modi

Those criticize bullet train, should use bullock carts-PM Modi

Valsad, Gujarat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, during a two-day visit to Gujarat, slammed the Congress for their opposition of bullet trains.

Modi said the Congress itself wanted this project but as they failed to achieve it, they are opposing it now.

“Those opposing the bullet train project should travel on bullock carts. We won’t mind,” he said at the election rally in Gujarat, reported India Today.

Not only did the Congress, but also Shiv Sena had disapproved of the idea of getting bullet train and had suggested repairing the damaged railway tracks first, considering all the derailments in recent past.

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“The NDA government got it at a negligible price. So the Congress didn’t like that. My only grievance against the Congress is that if they could not achieve anything, why does it pain them when someone else does it,” the prime minister said.

Modi also said the high-speed rail corridor project would provide a huge employment opportunity in the state.