CS invites tech companies to invest in Telangana

CS invites tech companies to invest in Telangana

A delegation from Telangana, led by Chief Secretary S K Joshi, attended Taoyuan-India Exchange Forum 2018, where Telangana was the special guest.

The event was inaugurated by Mayor of Taoyuan Wen-Tsan Cheng, and was co-sponsored by India Taipei Association (ITA) led by Director General Sridharan Madhusudhanan.

The delegation from Telangana included Principal Secretary for Industries Jayesh Ranjan and Director Electronics Sujai Karampuri.

Joshi, while highlighting the advantages of Telangana for investments, invited the technology companies of Taoyuan to Telangana ‘with open arms’.

Mayor of Taoyuan reiterated their commitment and interest towards Telangana and accepted the invitation of Chief Secretary to visit Hyderabad. Taoyuan and Telangana signed MoU for mutual cooperation in February 2018.

Ranjan, while speaking at a panel, explained Telangana’s incentives and various industry policies highlighting the unique TS-IPASS. He indicated that Telangana is setting up 200-acre dedicated park for Taiwanese companies.

The delegation also included industry representatives from Telangana who have signed agreements with their Taiwanese counterparts. (INN)

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