It’s a defeat for BJP in Saurashtra region of Gujarat

It’s a defeat for BJP in Saurashtra region of Gujarat

Gujarat: The results of Gujarat Assembly elections 2017 were announced yesterday. After analysing the results in terms of Vote share of the parties and the region wise seat share, it reveals a completely different picture. Analysis of the results reflects the notion that, though BJP would be forming government once again in the state, it actually received a setback in the election.

In terms of seat share, congress has trounced the BJP in rural areas. In terms of vote share in the whole Gujarat, the BJP’s vote share is 49.1% in these polls, whereas Congress vote share is 41.4% compared to 38.9% in 2012.

The seat share of Congress was evenly spread. This made the Congress win more seats than BJP even in regions where its vote share was actually lower.

The Saurashtra region of Gujarat was a big shock for BJP. In 2012, the BJP had won 35 out of 54 seats in Saurashtra-Kutch region. Congress won 16 seats out of 54 in 2012 assembly elections. However, in 2017 Gujarat assembly elections, BJP got only 23 seats compared to 30 seats won by Congress.

In North Gujarat also, BJP won 14 seats compared to Congress 17 seats.


The BJP was able to win 28 Patidar seats. But only 9 seats were from the Saurashtra-Kutch region. In contrast, 17 of the 23 seats won by the Congress where the community is dominant came from Kutch-Saurashtra.



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