Delhi: Dancer-Thief gives impressive performance before robbery

Delhi: Dancer-Thief gives impressive performance before robbery

New Delhi: Thieves are always deceitful when it comes to the robbery but these robbers are hilariously different who danced just before breaking into the shop.

‘A pre-victory superb dance’ can be termed for this performance by the Dancer-thief. One of the robbers in the three member-gang danced with his shirt buttons open just before committing the crime.

The dancer thief was accompanied by two of his accomplices.

Watch the CCTV video footage to believe it.

With unbuttoned shirt and scarf tied around his neck like a tie, the thief facing the CCTV cameras danced with some good moves which looked straight out of a Bollywood movie.

The dancer thief later covers his face and then proceeds to break into the shop.

We are not sure if the robbery was successful but he did impress us with his dance moves.

One of the twitter users posted: “Hahaha isko reality show wale pakka le lenge multitalented chor (He will surely be selected for a reality show).”

Another user tweeted: “I hear dhinka chika dhinka chika in my mind.”

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