Delhi High Court Rejects Arvind Kejriwal’s Plea To Strike Down Arun Jaitley’s Reply

Delhi High Court Rejects Arvind Kejriwal’s Plea To Strike Down Arun Jaitley’s Reply

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court today dismissed Arvind Kejriwal’s plea to strike down Arun Jaitley’s reply filed in response to his written submission in the second Rs. 10 crore defamation suit against the Chief Minister.

Justice Manmohan held that the averments in the replication, or Mr Jaitley’s reply to Mr Kejriwal’s written submission, “crystalise” the Union Minister’s stand on an important issue and are relevant to the case.

The court also observed that the submission of the Union Minister in his replication “is not inconsistent, is not frivolous and also not abuse of the process of law”.

The court, however, granted four weeks’ time to Mr Kejriwal to file his response to the new facts introduced by Mr Jaitley in his replication.

The court’s order came on the Delhi Chief Minister’s plea seeking to strike out Mr Jaitley’s entire reply filed in response to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief’s written submission.

Mr Kejriwal claimed that Mr Jaitley’s replication contained additional allegations which did not form part of the plaint, and hence, the chief minister did not have a chance to rebut them through his written statement.

Mr Kejriwal has filed his written submission on court notice issued to him in a second civil defamation suit against him, filed by Arun Jaitley seeking Rs. 10 crore as damage.

Later, Mr Jaitley was asked to file his reply to Mr Kejriwal’s submission.

The second suit claimed that the then counsel of the Chief Minister, Ram Jethmalani, made derogatory remarks against Mr Jaitley in the proceedings of another defamation suit between the two and five other AAP leaders.

The objectionable and defamatory remarks were made during court proceedings and were duly recorded by the joint registrar.

Mr Jethmalani, who in September announced his retirement from over seven-decade long career as an advocate, had used certain words while cross-examining the Union Minister in a separate Rs. 10 crore defamation case filed by the BJP leader against Mr Kejriwal and five others of the AAP in 2015.

The AAP leaders in December 2015 had levelled charges of corruption against Mr Jaitley in connection with alleged financial irregularities in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA).

Mr Jaitley has denied all the allegations and also claimed that these had harmed his reputation.

With regard to Mr Kejriwal’s claim that the “statements made during judicial proceedings are even otherwise protected by absolute privilege”, Mr Jaitley has said no such privilege can be claimed by a person who instructed his lawyer to insult or use defamatory language against a witness.

Mr Jaitley has claimed he is entitled to the relief sought by him and the suit be decreed in his favour.


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