Delhi: Man stabbed to death on board in Bus

Delhi: Man stabbed to death on board in Bus
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Delhi: A shocking incident has been reported from Delhi where a group of students murdered a man on board in the bus in broad daylight on Mathura Road on Thursday.

A group of five to six teenagers in school uniforms stabbed a man to death inside a moving bus on Mathura Road in south Delhi on Thursday afternoon after he tried to frisk them on suspicion they had stolen his mobile phone, police said on Friday.

According to the Delhi Police, the man was stabbed to death when he suspected these boys of stealing his mobile phone. One of the suspects from the gang members stabbed him in his neck while he was searching them for his lost phone.

The Deputy commissioner of police (south-east) Romil Baaniya said the murdered passenger’s whereabouts are not known yet and he is in his mid 20’s.

According to the bus conductor of the bus, he had nearly forty passengers on board and that the boys along with the victim boarded the bus at ashram stop.

The man, as soon as he got on to the bus alleged his phone was stolen and began the searching.

Pick-pocketing during traveling on the bus or while on road is common in Delhi.

The bus conductor said the search for the phone, “That led to a scuffle in which one boy stabbed the man in his neck with a knife while the other boys restrained him,” adding that the group of boys seemed to be from Government school since they were dressed in white shirts and navy blue trousers.

The culprits managed to jump out of the bus when the victim collapsed inside the bus.

The bus driver Jai Bhagwan, said, “The bus was moving slowly because of the traffic, so they managed to jump out and escape,” the driver of the bus, Jai Bhagwan, said.

DCP Baaniya said an investigation into the case has begun and that it is a big possibility that the gang was recruited to pickpocket dressed as school students.