Delhi Speaker gets power to appoint lawyers in cases against assembly

Delhi Speaker gets power to appoint lawyers in cases against assembly

New Delhi: The Delhi Assembly on Monday passed a resolution saying that all the decisions regarding selection and terms and conditions including the fixing and paying professional fee for lawyers fighting cases against Vidhan Sabha will vest in the Speaker.

The resolution said that the Secretariat of the Legislative Assembly shall meet all the expenses to be incurred on this count from its budget with due approval from the Speaker and the Speaker alone.

It also said that any attempt to do anything in violation of this resolve will be treated as contempt of the house and those responsible of such contemptuous conduct shall be proceeded against as decided by the Speaker.

“I want a protected lawyer to present a case in favour of Vidhan Sabha in the court. It can be very dangerous in the long run (otherwise). When Vidhan Sabha is made a party in a case, lawyers should be paid,” Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said during a discussion on the matter.

“Several bills of lawyers (hired to fight for Vidhan Sabha) are unpaid as the officials working under the command of Lt Governor Anil Baijal are not approving of them,” he added.

Presenting his argument in support of the resolution, Aam Aadmi Party member Saurabh Bharadwaj attacked the Lt Governor who was “encouraging” corrupt officials to file cases against the Vidhan Sabha.

“The administrative structure of Delhi was quite complex already. It has been made more complex by the Centre now,” he said, talking of the powers that lie with Baijal,” he said.

“LG tells corrupt officials in the government to file cases against the Vidhan Sabha and its members. They are given lawyers, supported by LG and corrupt officials,” he said adding those who fought cases in favour of the Assembly were not paid.

He further said that this authority is related to the Assembly.


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