DS dares KCR in open letter to suspend him; Might be shown door

DS dares KCR in open letter to suspend him; Might be shown door

Hyderabad: The dye seemed have been cast for the exit of Rajya Sabha member D. Srinivas from the ruling TRS after he dared the party leadership to suspend him alleged for alleged anti-party activities.

It might be mentioned here that DS, as he is popularly known as, a senior Congress leader who had even served as the party’s president in the erstwhile undivided Andhra Pradesh, jumped into TRS and made a Rajya Sabha member for changing his loyalty.

However for quite sometime DS has been nurturing a feeling that he was being side lined in the TRS affairs and thus keeping himself away from various party TRS. This sudden change in the party’s stance towards him, according to his own comments, seems to be in the wake of his son D. Arvind, a BJP activist in the Nizamabad district and planning to contest from the Lok Sabha constituency against the present TRS incumbent and KCR’s daughter K. Kavitha.

It is pertinent to mention here that the MLAs, MLCs and ZP leaders from Nizamabad district held a meeting and passed a resolution calling for the suspension of DS for alleged anti-party activities like encouraging the TRS workers and cadre to support his son and BJP leader Arvind. What s raised many an eye-brow in political circles was the fact that the memorandum calling for action against DS was not only signed by Kavitha but she had personally handed it to KCR, who is the party supremo.

Soon after the revolt against him and demand for his suspension, DS tried to seek an appointment with the Chief Minister to personally explain his side of version in the developments in the district. However KCR did not given him an opportunity to meet him till date. In the meantime as if to add insult to injury his son D. Sanjay was arrested on alleged charges of sexual harassment by 11 nursing students studying in the college run by him. A case under the Nirbhaya Act was registered against him.

Thus amidst all these unsavoury developments, DS addressed an open letter to the TRS leadership explaining his version of the story. While refuting all allegations of anti-party activities against him, he even challenged the TRS leadership to either suspend him failing which he demanded that the resolution with charges against him should be withdrawn.

DS in his letter pointed out that he himself had brought to the notice of the Chief Minister about his son being active in BJP and that he has nothing to do with his political interests. He charged that his son was falsely implicated by foisting fabricated charges against. It’s nothing but a vendetta politics of the state government against him.

Reiterating that he always supported the cause of separate Telangana state, he reminded that when KCR was the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly in the erstwhile undivided AP he raised his voice in the House for the cause of a separate Telangana state. The party leaders including Kavitha seem to feel political insecurity due to his image and popularity in the district. I dare the party leadership to either suspend me or withdraw the resolution with charges against him, he asserted in the letter.

Against all these developments at a time when KCR and TRS are gearing for the ensuing elections, the open letter by DS and his rebellious stance in even daring the party leadership to initiate action against him can be construed as the proverbial last straw for showing him the door.

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