Dubai: Play-it-to-win-it offer! Make this £3.2 million yours for just £10

Dubai: Play-it-to-win-it offer! Make this £3.2 million yours for just £10

Dubai: Your LADDR, a newly launched competition website is offering you an exciting opportunity to ‘win’ a three bedroom luxury apartment in London’s plush Walton Street as a game’s lucky draw. Priced at a whooping whopping £3.2 million (Dh15.8 million) could be yours at just mere £10 (Dh50).

This new competition website will run until it sells its 380,000 tickets each priced at £10 which is also limited to 150 tickets per individual. And the catch is, play-it-to-win-it!

Santa Agolli, LADDR founder was quoted by the Evening Standard newspaper as saying, “It is so hard to get on the London property market full stop, but for many people, this kind of home is a dream. I want to empower someone to have this home which is right at the top end of the market. It is an amazing property, so I cannot wait to see who wins it.”

The competition is based on your cricket skills and the participants will have to play the game “Spot The Ball” which is judged by a professional cricketer. So the now, the game is, the participants will have to aim at a precise centre of the ball in order to win the challenge. The participant who hits the spot more than one time will be the game’s winner and the other participants will be given cash prize.

Along with the plush apartment in London’s elite locality, the company is also offering a car worth up to £56,000, reports Khaleej Times.

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