ECoR deploys Night Patrolling Team to ensure safety in winters

ECoR deploys Night Patrolling Team to ensure safety in winters

Bhubaneswar: In order to ensure the safety of the passengers during the train journey in winters, East Coast Railway (ECoR) has deputed Night Patrolling Team to cope with the dense fog situation and ensure the safe train operations during dense fog.

The night patrolmen have been given the proper training for monitoring the situation with a lightweight kit consisting of beaters, crowbars, coin-shaped maroon color detonator, flash signal lights, cap, gloves, whistle etc.

The prime duty of night patrolmen of ECoR is to alert the train drivers (Loco Pilots) about the fog situation and warn them that the train is approaching a stop signal and running in sensitive areas.

Apart from keeping an eye on the fog, the Night Patrol Team would inspect for any track fishplate damage, screw displacement and 9 km stretch train line in each direction. Besides, the Loco-Pilots have also been instructed to regulate train speed depending on visibility conditions for the safety of passengers and train movement during dense foggy weather.

If there is fracture or damage in the track and repair work will take time then the Night Patrol Team is accountable to repair and turned the light to Red to stop the approaching train.

Further, the team stands 30 m before the damaged site to alert the driver, however, if the approaching train is expected to reach the affected spot at the earliest, the patrolmen put the detonator first at 600 m, then 270 m on the track from the affected area. The detonators go off with a loud sound when a train runs over them, alerting the driver to slow down the train.

The provision of detonators and other safety devices have been of great help to the loco pilots who can now spot these luminous strips even during fog and get extra careful regarding the aspect of the approaching signal.

The station managers have also been provided with adequate detonators and have been advised to assess whether visibility is impaired badly enough to warrant the use of detonators. The railway staffs posted at stations, cabins, and gates have also been instructed to place detonators whenever there is thick fog to warn the loco pilots according to laid down rules and regulations.

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