Eman Ahmed: World’s ‘heaviest’ woman passes away in Abu Dhabi hospital

Eman Ahmed: World’s ‘heaviest’ woman passes away in Abu Dhabi hospital
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ABU DUBAI: Egyptian national Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman  passed away in Abu Dhabi on Monday morning at 4.35 am due to numerous complications from the underlying co-morbid conditions.

Eman suffered co-morbid conditions including heart diseases and kidney dysfunction  that worsened her condition in the last few days.

Officials from the Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Hospital confirmed the news.

“She had been under the supervision of a medical team of over 20 doctors from different specialities who were managing her medical condition from the time she arrived in the UAE. Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family,” said the hospital official , reported Hindustan Times.

The 36-year-old, Eman underwent weight loss treatment in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital close to four months earlier this year and arrived at the Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel hospital on May 4 to complete her treatment trip.

A resident of port city of Alexandria, Eman celebrated her 37th birthday just a week ago.

Eman was bedridden for years and her plight first came to light when her family issued an online plea for help. She had supposedly not left her home for 25 years, and had been confined to the bed for year after suffering from a stroke.

She had been bedridden since the age of 12 after suffering a parasitic infection that “caused her limbs and body to swell”, a Gulf news report said.