European Union confronted Google over privacy

European Union confronted Google over privacy
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Hyderabad: Privacy is been given quite a priority for European Nations. The internet giant Google has been pointed out that its privacy policy was too vague and raised concerns about data protection.

The European Union told Google that it should change its privacy policy over the way it gathers, protects and uses users’ data, reports DC.

A visiting faculty on cybersecurity at JNTU-Hyderabad, G. Srinivas Reddy, says privacy is given high importance in the West, but in India, most of us are not concerned. Tech companies being taken to court for alleged breach of laws is common in Europe.

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India lacks awareness over privacy concerns, say experts:

Indian are very rarely seen dragging the tech companies to the court because of ‘nil’ awareness levels.
Subramanyam Lakshminarayan from Cloud4C explained that Indian privacy laws are not stringent and not enforced properly and hence people are taken for a ride.

Experts say that it is possible to opt out of targeted ads by adjusting preferences, but there is no way to opt out of a privacy policy altogether.
“If we take the case of Google, all your activity across Google-owned services including Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, Hangouts, Picasa and many other services will be tracked.”