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Ewan McGregor to star in Stephen King’s novel adaption

Ewan McGregor to star in Stephen King’s novel adaption

Washington: Scottish actor Ewan McGregor will star in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the Stephen King novel ‘Doctor Sleep’.

The flick will be the sequel of 1977 horror classic ‘The Shining.’

McGregor will play the role of the grown-up version of Nicholson’s son, who had psychic powers in the original movie, confirmed The Hollywood Reporter.

The story focuses on an angry alcoholic man, dealing with his re-emerging psychic powers by working in a hospice, where he helps dying patients and earns the nickname ‘Doctor Sleep.’ Later, he finds himself caught up in a battle with a group of murderous kidnappers after a little girl with psychic abilities of her own enters in his life.

‘Doctor Sleep’ will be helmed by action filmmaker, Mike Flanagan.

On that note, McGregor will be next seen in Disney’s ‘Christopher Robin’, as the grown-up version of Winnie the Pooh.