Ex BJP IT Cell employee reveals how ‘fake’ news is propagated by the party

Ex BJP IT Cell employee reveals how ‘fake’ news is propagated by the party

Dhruv Rathee interviewed a former member of BJP IT Cell to know how it works. To much surprise, there highlighted information that can give a shock to many. Mahavir, who according to him, worked in BJP IT Cell from 2012 to 2015 speaks to YouTuber Rathee in this interview.

According to Mahavir, the BJP IT Cell contains top 150 members who get an opportunity to meet with the prime minister, and all the exclusive content is tailored by them, which then shared by the lower rank members. When asked about his responsibility in the Cell, as a member of other 50 people (who come after top most Super150), Mahavir said, his main job was ‘to troll’. Mahavir says, he would add terms like ‘Dalit‘, ‘Hindu‘ and ‘Musalman‘ in the content of the news, irrespective of the topic.

“After adding fake content in the news items, we would get them shared on Facebook and WhatsApp through a provided laptop and at least 10 mobile phones (to one person), in order to access 10 different WhatsApp accounts,” Mahavir says. When shared on such a large number, the news item becomes automatically trending on social media.

About the difference between BJP’s and Congress’ IT Cell, Mahavir says that they both are almost same. When Congress does politics of fear, BJP discriminates on the basis of castes.

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