With an eye on Assembly Elections, Hindutva forces attempt to enact their agenda: Insaaf meeting

With an eye on Assembly Elections, Hindutva forces attempt to enact their agenda: Insaaf meeting

Hyderabad: State Council of Telangana Unit of Insaaf Organization held a meeting on Sunday at CPI headquarters, Hyderabad.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha, former CPI MP of Rajya Sabha told that for the past three years, the situation in the country has changed. In the near future, various State Assemblies are facing elections. Keeping an eye on these elections, Hindutva forces are getting ready to implement their agenda whereas, on the other front, secular forces are strengthening the ambitions of communal forces by dividing themselves.

Mr. Aziz Pasha further told that BJP is acting on an organized conspiracy to polarize votes and this conspiracy is being strengthened through violent speeches of the so-called Muslim leaders. He also told that the secret of success of BJP in UP is the violent speeches of Muslim leaders. This year, Karnataka is going to polls. BJP is making an attempt to grab power in the State by enacting the same formula so that it could strengthen its feet in South India. If BJP gets victory once in Karnataka, it will continue the same treatment with the neighbouring States as it did in UP and Rajasthan.

The chief guest of the function, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily supported the views expressed by Mr. Aziz Pasha and said that all the secular parties have to come to a common platform in order to defeat BJP. Had a grand alliance been implemented, it would have been difficult for BJP to get a victory in UP. He also said that instead of taking care of the welfare of the Muslims, the Muslim leaders are engaged in fulfilling their vested interests.

Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan further told that despite a sizeable population of the Muslims in UP, they are backward. He pointed out that from 2007 to 2012, 66 Muslims were elected as MLAs, although, it was the regime of Mayawati. From 2012-17, 79 Muslims MLAs were elected during SP regime. Despite all these, the backwardness of the Muslims could not be eradicated. He mentioned that Muslims have less danger from outsiders than the inside enemies. We have to identify our enemies within our ranks and files who do politics in the name of religion and act for their own benefits making the Muslims more backward. He advised that if Dalits and Muslims of this country get united, no other force can assume power. He suggested that secular parties like CPI (M) and CPI should get united keeping their difference apart.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Lateef proposed a vote of thanks. Mr. Muneer Patel, State General Secretary of Insaaf organization conducted the meeting.

–Siasat News