Fake Muslim beggars don’t know how to exchange ‘Salam’

Fake Muslim beggars don’t know how to exchange ‘Salam’

When people give alms they suppose they are doing charity, but what if you come to know that the charity you are doing can give encouragement to corruption.

We have heard several stories of fake beggars. However, it is the right time that we take action against those who are not genuine.

Should it not be our responsibility that we give our hard earned money to only those who rightly deserve it. Or should we just cut down our exercise by excusing: “God is the one to decide for them”.


On top of it, wearing Muslim identities give fake beggars a more promising business model. These people can’t even reply a Salam nor they know about the basic tenets of Islam; such as Shahadah (proclaiming that God is one and believing that Muhammad pbuh is his last messenger).


It is the high time that an action is taken. Their practice thrives as we give it encouragement. If at all we have to do charity, then we should also find out ways that it goes to the poor, not to those who light a cigarette with your help.