Farmer leader Ayyakannu to file complaint after scuffle with BJP member

Farmer leader Ayyakannu to file complaint after scuffle with BJP member
Pic: ANI

Tiruchendur: After having a heated argument with a BJP female worker on Thursday, the farmer leader P Ayyakannu to lodge a complaint against her. “I am on a 100-day padayatra spreading the ill-effects of genetically modified seeds. Yesterday we were in Tiruchendur. After praying to Lord Muruga at the Tiruchendur temple, we started distributing pamphlets outside,” Ayyakannu told IANS on Friday.

The District Secretary of the BJP’s women’s wing Nellaiyammal and P Ayyakannu got involved in a brawl outside the premises of Sri Subramania Swamy Temple in Thiruchendur on Thursday. The fight took another turn when Nellaiyammal waved a footwear towards Ayyakannu.

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The farmer leader was distributing pamphlets when the BJP worker resisted devotees to accept them. “In a polite way, I asked her why I should not distribute the pamphlets to the public, that too outside the temple,” Ayyakannu said.

“Suddenly she slapped me. I restrained the people who were with me saying that the police may file a case and put us in jail,” the 78-year-old farmer leader said.

He said he planned to file a police complaint against the BJP woman leader and two of her party colleagues. While the BJP said it was Ayyakannu who assaulted the lady and called her names.