FIR filed against Salman Khan’s bodyguard

FIR filed against Salman Khan’s bodyguard
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Mumbai: After former Big boss contestant Zubair khan’s complaint against show’s host and actor Salman Khan, 31-yr-old Shabnam Abdul Hamid Sheikh, filed a complaint against actor Salman’s bodyguard Shera at Khar Police Station in Mumbai.

According to the reports, Shera whose name is Gurmeet Singh allegedly threatened and harassed Shabnam.

A resident of Bandra, Shabnam owns a garment shop and is also a director of security company CWC enterprise in Mumbai.

Earlier, former Bigg Boss contestant Zubair Khan is alleged to take Shabnam’s help in filing complaint against the actor.

According to Police sources, Shabnam in her FIR reported of a call on October 20. The caller introduced himself as Shera.

Her FIR stated that when she told the caller she doesn’t know him, the caller replied that he is Salman Khan’s bodyguard. The alleged caller Shera replied, “Aap Bhai ko kyon takleef de rahi ho, Jo hai aapas mein settle karlo.” (Why are you bothering Bhai? Why don’t you settle the matter amicably instead?)

Shabnam in her FIR stated that she refused to settle the case and that she will file a case against Endemol, Colors, Bigg Boss and Salman.
On hearing so, the alleged caller Shera abused her and threatened her.

She further added in her FIR that she had this call recorded and that she will use these recordings as proof against Shera.

Police has filed a case under section 509of IPC and is currently investigating the matter.

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera has denied the allegations made by shabnam against him saying he never spoke to any woman named Shabnam.

Copy of filed FIR


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