First Tesla Model X SUV arrives in India, costs over ₹ 1 Crore

First Tesla Model X SUV arrives in India, costs over ₹ 1 Crore

While the American automobile, Elon Musk’s famed Tesla cars are yet to gain official entry into India, someone has decided to privately import its offering instead. First ever Tesla Model X SUV from the US has entered into India.

It is produced at automaker’s facility in Freemont, US. The most defining feature of this model is its vertically opening falcon doors.


  • Capable of hitting 0-100 kmph in a blistering fast 2.9 seconds on the P100D.
  • The base version gets 259 bhp on both the front and rear motors, while power is uprated to 259 bhp at the front and 503 bhp at the rear, on the performance version.
  • Combined torque output – 967 Nm.
  • Driving range of 474 km in a single charge with sedate driving.
  • Loaded with a host of tech including touchscreen systems allover, Bluetooth wireless technology and more.
  • Regular over-the-air updates
  • LED headlights with cornering lights
  • Electric All-Wheel Drive
  • Air suspension with GPS, and dual trunks.
  • The car also comes with the famed self-driving feature – Tesla Autopilot, but it is not confirmed whether the Indian owner has availed for the same

Prices range for the Tesla Model X from $73,800 up to $128,300 (around ₹ 48 lakh to ₹ 83 lakh) depending on the variant. The model arrived in India is a CBU and is expected to be priced well over ₹ 1 crore after taxes.

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