Follow Kaka’s ideals: Harish exhorts students

Follow Kaka’s ideals: Harish exhorts students

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today lauded the services of late G Venkatswamy (Kaka) and asked the students to follow him.

The minister attended the third anniversary function of Kaka at a college in Baghlingampally here and offered rich tributes. Government Advisor Kaka’s son Vivek and his brother Vinod and others were present.

Addressing the students on the occasion, Harish Rao recalled the services of Kaka, who strove for uplift of the workers and Singareni Collieries revival. He said Kaka succeeded in his efforts to release Rs 1,400 crore towards loan for Singareni Collieries Company Limited and launched pension facility for workers across the country.

“Students should focus on their studies and get jobs to serve the society”, he said and cautioned that the students would lose their real and successful life if they spend time on social media like twitter and face book. “We need to follow the ideals of Kaka, who wished statehood for Telangana. I used to meet him during the statehood movement. Kaka’s dream of completing the Kaleshwaram project will be a reality soon”, he said, adding that the project will irrigate crops in North Telangana region like never before. The Government will take steps to ensure that Kaka’s name will remain in the history of Telangana, he added. (NSS)

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