Former Army Chief V K Singh trolled on Twitter for wearing RSS uniform

Former Army Chief V K Singh trolled on Twitter for wearing RSS uniform

New Delhi: Former Army Chief and Junior External Affairs Minister General V K Singh (retd) was trolled on Twitter after he was caught in controversy for wearing the RSS uniform.

Singh was seen standing along with party functionaries wearing a white shirt khaki pants and a black cap. He was seen attending the mega Rally ‘Rashtroday Sammelan’ along with other UP ministers, which was organized by RSS in Meerut on 25 February.

But he was trolled on twitter with 1400 Retweets for wearing this uniform when Supreme Court Lawyer Prashant Bhushan tweeted “By donning the uniform of the RSS, which is opposed to a secular State, Gen VK Singh (who tried to manipulate his age, to extend his date of retirement) has disgraced his army uniform” on February 27.

Among the 400 replies on the Tweet, one tweet was from Singh himself who shot back at Prashant tweeting a day later saying “Prashant as a good lawyer you can certainly twist facts and probably that is why you and Arvind separated (sic). My rage file was seen by you too and it was a case of government manipulating (sic) NOT ma Do not allow your mindsets (sic) to cloud facts.”

Meanwhile, Ashwani Mahajan, Senior RSS leader and Swadeshi Jagaran Manch co-convenor tweeted as, “RSS is the real secularist social-cultural organisation as opposed to pseudo-secularists’ organisations, mostly political parties, which are more minority appeasing!” reported Times of India.

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