Fraudsters find innovative ways to cheat people—IT Refund is the latest one

Hyderabad: Fraudsters are finding innovative ways and methods to cheat the gullible people and make easy money. Despite the fact that many types of cheating cases are being reported in the media almost on daily basis, even educated people are falling a prey to the game plans of the unscrupulous elements and losing their hard earned money, one way or the other.

Cheating in the name of providing jobs is one of the most reported cases, and this is going on unabated since a long time; even as warnings are being given by several recruiting organizations, the police authorities. Cheating people in the name of Huge Lottery money, marriage alliance are also the methods being adopted by the fraudsters. Now, another type of duping the people is reportedly taking place. This is in the name of Income Tax Refund Approvals.

People should be aware of SMS stating that Your Income Tax Refund has been Approved. As a practice, the IT authorities usually send an SMS saying that your IT Refund has been approved. Taking this as an advantage, some unscrupulous elements have evolved a novel plan to deprive the I T payers of their money deposited in the Bank. The cheats are sending the SMS stating that your IT Refund has been Approved. They then say that the Refund Amount would be deposited in Your Bank Account. Intentionally, they mention some wrong Account Number and then ask you to verify the Account Number and in case it is not correct, then provide details of your Correct Bank Account Number and related details on the website they provide. Once you respond to the SMS and give your Bank Account Details on the website mentioned by them, your Money in the Bank Account would be siphoned-off.

While the correct (official) website of the IT Department is; the bogus website being mentioned is http// st/500599524/hqu? Refund Status = Approved&id=YWJ/QDEyMy5 jb20%3D. IT payer are therefore warned about fake SMS and providing your Bank Account details. (NSS)

This post was last modified on August 12, 2018, 10:08 pm