Further parts found in Austria headless body case

Further parts found in Austria headless body case
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VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Austrian police say that they have found further body parts during searches carried out after a torso was discovered on the bed of a lake. The initial gruesome discovery of a female torso was made on Friday in the shallow Lake Neusiedl.

Late on Monday afternoon, police found parts of two forearms and two thighs, Roland Koch of the Eisenstadt state prosecutor’s office told AFP. The latest discovery was made by divers near where the torso was first discovered, close to the town of Rust.

“We strongly suspect that the parts recovered belong to the same body,” Koch said, but added that this would only be confirmed after they were subjected to DNA testing on Tuesday. The woman’s precise identity and the cause of death are yet to be determined. The lake straddles the Hungarian border and is a popular tourist attraction, particularly in summer when it draws fans of sailing and other watersports.