GHMC action plan for Road maintenance

GHMC action plan for Road maintenance

GHMC has prepared an action plan to repair damaged road with a cost of Rs 454.75 core.

Laying of roads and repair works in the city would be completed by end of March next year. The GHMC for the first time prepared a road map for taking up roads in a systematic way.

The GHMC has said Road laying cannot be done during monsoon from June to October every year as hot mix plants will be closed and road cannot be laid on wet surface. The working season of roads is from November to May (7 months). Every year on an average GHMC takes up road works costing Rs. 200.00 Cr.

As per the action plan 158 BT roads would be laid with a cost of Rs.155.22 Crore, 60 CC roads costing Rs.63.93 Crore and 103 white topping roads with a cost of Rs 235.60 crore.

The GHMC has appealed to citizens to cooperate as during road laying, there may be some traffic restriction for CC, white topping roads. Interactive sessions were held with technical experts and professors of IIT, BITS, JNTU, OU & ASCI for innovative methods and holistic approach for maintenance of roads & drains.(NSS)