GHMC Chief Instructs Officials to Ensure Neat Toilets

GHMC Chief Instructs Officials to Ensure Neat Toilets
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GHMC commissioner, Dr Janardhan Reddy has instructed all AMOHs  to personally visit as many Public Toilets in their jurisdiction as possible to  make their environs neat  and tidy.

Specific instructions have been given to verify and make arrangements for proper maintenance, regular water supply, availability of electricity, lighting, minor repairs, so that people show interest in making use of them, he said.


The Commissioner himself personally visited the prefabricated public toilet at Leela Nagar, near Begumpet Railway Station and interacted with the attendant. It is learnt that about 40 to 50 citizens are using the toilet. But the disgusting revelation is that equal number of people is resorting to open peeing just ahead of the Toilet. This is despite the fact that the operator Subash did not insist on  payment from anybody and the payment is only voluntary.

The Commissioner instructed the Khairatabad Circle 17 officials to ensure regular water supply, repair to doors, prevention of roadside parking of vehicles obstructing the view of toilet, no open urination signage at the open space opposite to the toilet, improved sanitation around the toilet.


He made an appeal to the citizens not to resort to open peeing as it is everybody’s responsibility to keep this city clean. It is said that open peeing is a disgrace and we can expect it’s elimination only through behavioral change. To encourage this change, the GHMC is striving to improve the physical environs at all public Toilets. M/s EESL, a Public Sector sponsored firm has come forward to sponsor two pairs if uniform with GHMC Logo to care takers of all Public Toilets in GHMC.(NSS)