Girl dressed as a boy tries to enter Sabarimala, stopped at guard room

Girl dressed as a boy tries to enter Sabarimala, stopped at guard room
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Kerala: On Tuesday, 21st November, a 15-year-old girl was caught by the staff of Devaswam Board when she tried to enter the Sabarimala shrine at Pampa in Kerala.

According to the news published in International Business Times, in order to enter the temple, she dressed as a boy with a shaved head.

However, the girl who is a native of Nallur, Andhra Pradesh, was caught at the checkpoint after the officer got suspicious on her. After cross-checking, it was found that other members of the group who are men were trying to hide the girl. They also gave her a boy’s name.

After finding the truth, officials made her wait in guard room while other members were allowed to visit the shrine.

It may be mentioned that earlier, National Health Mission Chief Engineer CJ Anila allegedly entered the shrine with Health Minister KK Shylaja, which had triggered the controversy after her pictures went viral.

It is also reported that as per the tradition of the temple, menstruating women aged between 10 and 50 are not allowed to enter the shrine.

During the pilgrimage season, girls often try to enter the temple dressed as a boy.

In 2006, Jayamala, Karnataka actor and Congress MLC had allegedly said that in 1986 she visited the temple along with her husband. She was charged with hurting religious sentiments for her statement.

However, the High Court of Kerala dismissed the charge sheet.

It may be noted that the case of women’s entry in Sabarimala is referred to Constitutional Bench of Supreme Court.