Goa: CM Parikar leaves for States for his medical condition

Goa: CM Parikar leaves for States for his medical condition

Panaji: Suffering ill health for the past few days, Goa CM Manohar Parikar has left for USA yesterday for further treatment of his medical condition.

In his letter to the Governor, CM has stated that he has been advised to travel overseas for “specialised expert treatment” for his “medical condition”.

“I have been advised by an expert team of doctors in Goa as well as in Mumbai … to travel overseas for specialist expert treatment of my medical condition. As such, I am likely to leave for the US,” Mr. Parrikar wrote, dated March 5.

Suffering from “mild Pancreatitis” the 62-year-old CM was visiting various hospital since February 15.

In a video message, CM said, “I am thankful for all. In the last 15 days, you have been praying for me and you have blessed me because of which I got well and to get fully cured I may go abroad.”

“The way you have prayed for me and blessed me, I hope to get the same thing during my treatment there. I expect that you all will allow me a leave for some days from the state for the treatment,” he added.

CM also held a meeting in his residence at Dona Paulana with the cabinet advisory committee to take necessary administrative actions in his absence before leaving the State.

He met many senior officials and also Goa chief secretary and the director general of police, before leaving the state, NDTV reported.

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