Goa CMO issues statement on hoax letter of repentance, calls it unauthentic

Goa CMO issues statement on hoax letter of repentance, calls it unauthentic

Panaji: Several hoax messages are circulating on social media about Goa’s ailing CM Parikar with the recent one a “letter of repentance and introspection” which looked written by him turns out to be “not authentic but a mischief,” stated recently released statement by Goa CM’s Office on Sunday.

The statement issued by the CMO said: “It has been observed that many messages are floating on social media, attributing it to the Chief Minister’s authorship. Such messages are not authentic and (are) mischievous. All messages of CM @manoharparrikar will be communicated directly by him or through his verified social media handles only.”

The so-called “letter of repentance and introspection” reflects how the ailing Chief Minister is “repenting for wrongdoings while in power.”

This was however brought to the notice of CMO earlier on Thursday, to which senior CMO official replied saying it is a hoax message and that “just ignore it and ask whoever posts it to you not to forward it as it is mischievous,” but saying it as a hoax message did not suffice the social media following which an official statement, as well as a tweet regarding the same, was released by the CMO on Sunday.

Several other instances were also reported where similar hoax messages were circulated on behalf of CM Parikar for which the CMO had previously issued clarifications. A case is also filed against some unknown miscreants for making false reports on social media about Mr. Parikar naming BJP leader for ill health before being moved to Leelavati Hospital.

Currently, Mr. Parikar is undergoing treatment in New-York after being shifted from Leelavati. He is reported to be responding to the treatment.

Speaker Pramod Sawant on Sunday evening issued a statement that Mr. Parkiar spoke to him and asked an update about the state’s administrative matters.

Mr. Sawant said, “CM took an update of general and administrative matters in Goa. He also informed the Speaker that he’s starting with a second phase of treatment from tomorrow (Monday).
He has also appealed to the people of Goa not to believe in rumours about his health being spread by vested interests,” Hindu reports.