Is going to temples forbidden, asks Rahul

Is going to temples forbidden, asks Rahul

Ahmedabad: Congress President-elect Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked if visiting temples was forbidden, adding he felt very nice about it and prayed for the golden future of Gujarat.

“Is going to temples forbidden?” Gandhi asked when a reporter questioned him at a press conference here about his visit to temples in Gujarat during campaigning ahead of the assembly elections.

“We took out a yatra this time… whichever temple I went to, I prayed for the golden future of Gujarat… so that the state’s youth and farmers have a bright future.”

Asked why he visited temples in Gujarat only, the Congress leader retorted: “Don’t you remember I had gone to Kedarnath? Is Kedarnath in Gujarat?”

“If you remember, I visited Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand as well… I keep going… the BJP says I don’t go to temples… go and find out in Uttarakhand, I had gone to temples there.”

Gandhi said that normally the party holds public meetings during campaigning. However, he said, this time we held a ‘yatra’ or roadshow/march.

He then asked Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala how many kilometres the yatra covered.

“During the yatra, wherever I could, I went. And I felt nice… very nice,” he added.