Gujarat election 2017: not a cake walk for BJP

Gujarat election 2017: not a cake walk for BJP

Gujarat: As the polling dates arrive nearer, the BJP is struggling hard to win 150 assembly seats in Gujarat. But political experts and analysts view that BJP’s claim of winning 150 seats up from 115 seats won in 2012 in like day dreaming.

There has been a consistent decline in poll percentage of BJP in a study conducted by Lokniti-CSDS survey.

According to the survey, in August, 59% said they would vote for the BJP, compared to 29% for the Congress. Two months later in November, 43% polled said they would vote for the BJP, with the same 43% saying they would vote for the main opposition Congress party.





Sanjay Kumar, a director at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies said that people are angry about poorly implemented nationwide goods and services tax as well as economic breakdown from Modi’s decision last year to demonetize 86% of India’s currency.

He further added that “There is an acute dissatisfaction with the BJP,” Kumar said. However, “Modi’s personal popularity is still helping the BJP to hold onto this election.”


Farmers have been facing lot of problems since the Modi Government came in power in 2014. Their situation had become worse with the demonetisation decision taken by Modi Government in November 8, 2016.

Sagar Rabari, a farmer activist in Ahmedabad says that “Farmers are not getting good prices, youth are not getting employment and the fruits of development have reached very few people in Gujarat, People are realizing the so-called ’Gujarat model’ of development was only for a few industrialists and not for the masses.”


But, according to the seat projections of Lokniti-CSDS, the BJP is still ahead to win between 91 and 99 seats compared to between 70 and 86 for the Congress party.

Kumar said that “BJP’s stated goal of winning 150 seats, up from the 115 seats they won in 2012 was “day dreaming,” because the BJP have struggled with incumbency at a time of economic uncertainty.

Moreover, BJP is facing intense heat from Patel community with Hardik Patel leading a campaign against BJP.